What is FRC?

FRC or the First Robotics Competition is a yearly competition held by the company FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) which was founded by Dean Kamen in 1989. Every year, FIRST releases a new game in early January and gives teams from all around the world six weeks to design, develop, and test a robot to play said game. After these six weeks, teams then attend competitions to see how their robot preforms compared to others. These events, however, are more than just competitions. Teams do more then just compete by collaborating with each other and work towards helping one another succeed while sharing resources and demonstrating gracious professionalism.

"Everybody has to be able to participate in a future that they want to live for. That's what technology can do."

- Dean Kamen

Competitions we have attended

Detroit World Championships (2019)

Midwest Regional

Central Illinois Regional

Milwaukee Regional

Team 2358 has been working towards building both people and robots since 2008 when it was recommended that we give a certain "First Robotics Competition" a try. After finding a sponsorship and raising money through selling light bulbs and community support we took part in our first FRC game, FIRST: Overdrive and the rest was history. And as for said history? Well that consists of a little more than a decade of building robots, solving engineering problems, and working as a team to promote gracious professionalism and innovation that excites into the current and future "Nerds" (Mr. Keyzer's words, not ours).

Now every January, February, and March, you can count on finding team 2358 working tirelessly five days a week in our robotics and CAD lab engineering and debugging our way through mechanical and software problems to work towards the completion of the current Smokey bot.

“And there's 2358 wreaking havoc on the opposing alliance.”

  • - Not Dan Green

Remember the Fallen

A moment of recognition for those robots of past who have succumbed to the need for the use of electronics on other robots and fallen from their former glory to that of scrap metal...

Smokey XII

(2019, Destination: Deep Space


(2018, FIRST Power Up)

Smokey X

(2017, FIRST Steamworks)

Smokey IX

(2016, FIRST Stronghold)

Smokey VIII

(2015, Recycle Rush)

Smokey VII

(2014, Aerial Assist)

Smokey VI

(2013, Ultimate Ascent)

Smokey V

(2012, Rebound Rumble)

Smokey IV

(2011, Logomotion)

Smokey III

(2010, Breakaway)

Smokey II

(2009, Lunacy)

Smokey I

(2008, Overdrive)

2018/ 2019 Photos