Bearbotics 2358

Who We Are

We are 2358 Bearbotics, a FIRST robotics team from Lake Zurich, IL and our mission is to inspire STEM for current and future generations. Our journey began by racing RC Cars outside of our school which evolved into racing robots in our first FRC regional in 2008. Since then, we have continued to participate in several FRC regionals and attended worlds for the first time in 2019.

What we do

Each January marks the beginning of FRC Build Season, a period of six weeks in which our team spends designing, developing, and testing a robot that has the ability to play the current year's FRC game.

Bearbotics has participated in the FRC competition for 12 years. Some competitions that we have attended have been the Milwaukee Regional, Midwest Regional, Chicago Regional, and Detroit World Championship Competition.

Our robotics team also participates in the Vex Robotics Competition for the past 2 years. Similar to FRC, teams are given a game in early March and have to design, build, and develop a robot to play said game.

The Vex competitions that we have attended have been the Niles West Regional and Wildstang Regional.

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